How It Works | Custom Fantasy Rings

How It Works

Select from three Shapes

We offer three completely different shapes for every preference.

Each shape resembles a past Super Bowl Championship Ring.

You can select from Oval, Square, and Circle.

*FAQ - Oval is our largest and most popular shape.

Select from eight Colors

We offer every color in the rainbow. Ask nicely and we may even have a couple more upon request. Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Purple, Clear, Pink, Orange

*FAQ - Blue is the fan favorite followed by red, then green.

Personalize Name and Number

Whether this is your first name, last name, team name, or league inside joke. Our only rule is that it must be between 1-10 characters. Your number can be up to 2 characters.

*FAQ - Any QWERTY keyboard symbol is allowed in either field.

Show off your Season Record

Whether you went undefeated or had a losing record you still came home with a championship and thats all that matters. If you don't want your record this can be another place to add up to 4 characters.

*FAQ - Yes you can have ties on your ring (ie. 12-1-1), but only with our original design.

Customizable Inside Engraving

This is your chance to showcase your word wizardry and talk sh*t to the rest of your league for years to come. Be sure to type the engraving exactly as you want to see it. There is NO character limit, but please don't type a novel...because there really is.

*FAQ - The most common engraving is the championship game outcome.