Q: What is the difference between Rookie, Veteran, & HOF?

A: The level you chose determines the number of customizations your ring will have. Rookie and veteran will always be square, HOF and Legend you get to chose your shape as well as other customizations

Q: What is the most popular Shape?

A: Oval is our most popular due to its size as our largest and most “obnoxious” ring.

Q: What is the most popular color?

A: Blue is always a fan favorite, followed closely by red, and green. If you’re looking for something different purple is actually awesome!

Q: How many characters can we use for the name and inside engraving?

A: Your name on the side of your ring is allowed to be up to 10 characters long (QWERTY keyboard symbols). On your inside engraving you can use up to three lines of text- roughly 50 characters per line.

Q: (Part 1) What if I had a tie during the year so my record is longer than the ring allows?

(Part 2) What if I had a losing record and I got lucky during the post-season and dont want it on the ring?

A: (Part 1) First of all if you had a tie in your league your commissioner is doing it wrong… Secondly, our HOFv2 is the only ring that can accommodate ties otherwise chalk that tie up as another win. A couple of years from now you’ll only care about the ring on your finger!

A: (Part 2) Well done to you (round of applause), dont be ashamed its more embarrassing for your league mates. But if you insist on not having your record you can use the same number of characters and have it say what ever you’d like. (QWERTY Keyboard Symbols).

Q: What should I use as an inside engraving?

A: The most typical inside engraving is team 1 (score) vs. team 2 (score). But thats boring, use your creative minds!

Q: What's the best way to contact us?

A: info@customfantasyrings.com. You can also chat with Ben live by clicking the button on the bottom right. You can ALSO reach us on Instagram or Facebook @CustomFantasyRings.

Q: Is CustomFantasyRings.com a secure site?

A: Absolutely. Check the "https://" at the top! SSL Certificate is enabled which means your info is safe.

Q: What if I get my ring and it's damaged?

A: First off, this has yet to happen. Please send an email to info@customfantasyrings.com with the subject line "RETURN" and make sure to include your name and order information, along with a clear picture of the defect on the ring. We will get back to you right away and take care of the penalty.

Q: Can I get two different colors on one ring?

A: Not yet,...but hopefully soon! We're continually trying to add customization to our rings. Anything you want in the future don't hesitate to let us know! We are building these for you after all!

Any other questions please feel free to email us at info@customfantasyrings.com