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This Ring is exactly what I wanted. Its Fu**ing amazing and puts my state ring to shame... Thank you for all the help and guidance through the process. My league will sure to be back next year!!!

— DOM T.

I just wanted to write a review and follow up to my email to say this ring 100% exceeded my expectations. It is straight up NASTY. All the hundreds and hundreds of hours of my life I have dedicated to fantasy football research over the years now feels completely justified. You have my word the next time I win a championship I will be coming back. Thanks for putting the finishing touches to my championship season!


Pardon my language here... but this ring is FU**ING AMAZING! you have put a big smile on my face for the rest of my life. It is absolutely gorgeous and blew away my wildest imagination.


Thank you for all your help and hard work. I was extremely excited when I saw pictures of my custom ring but was blown away when I opened the box. The level of intricate customization you were able to achieve is out of this world. The pictures really dont do the actual ring any justice. I had an idea for my customization but you made me think BIG and could not be happier and will go no where else!


Thanks to the guys at Custom Fantasy Rings, easily the envy of all the commissioners I know. The ring is amazing and well worth the price. Great communication. Overall just a bomb *** experience. Definitely will be ordering week one for the upcoming season. Every single GM in my league said they gotta step up their drafts this year due to just wanting to get the ring! Thanks for everything fellas!!!


ordered the hall of fame ring again for the 2017 season and the quality I remember from my first time ordering in for the 2016 season was still there .looks amazing perfect fit exactly like I asked when it came to customizing..thank you


The rest of my league is even more jealous after seeing my championship ring. Customer service was excellent. I’ll definitely be purchasing again when I win my back-to-back titles.


I’m so glad i discovered Custom Fantasy Rings website to design my championship ring. The detail of the ring is perfect and the process was very simple. It was great to see my vision come to reality and since i won my fantasy league this year it was even sweeter to enjoy customize MY OWN ring. I will definitely use them again next year and i hopefully i can repeat as champion. Custom Fantasy Ring is a must for any fantasy league rings.


THE ULTIMATE FFL CHAMPIONS RING!!! My leagues new Go To for Championship Rings. I’m actually going to replace past rings with the ones offered here!!!! They’re THAT GOOD!


It was worth the wait! There’s no doubt that this is the place to get your fantasy championship ring. The quality and detail dwarfed my expectations and has given my fantasy league even more incentive to try and win it all.


First things first, the customer service team is beyond impressive!!! They worked with me on the order and changed a few things after I had already ordered, made jokes along the way and made sure to keep me in the loop with any/all updates as we went through the process. The ring itself, you ask... Truly stunning! This thing has become the envy of our league and this looks like something we will add to the pot and have made for every winner moving forward. You truly cannot beat anything that these guys have going, give them a shot and you will not be disappointed!!!


Excellent. Great customer service. Quick response to emails.


The ring it self is super cool and is worth the money. The best part was the service of these guys, they were awesome and helped me with all my questions. I asked for a few updates and either that same day or the next I got an email back. 10/10 stars, would recommend to all fantasy people!!!!!!!


I bought a championship ring for the first time for the winner of our FF group, and was so impressed I went and retroactively bought 2 more for my previous championships because my old rings were garbage... These ones are as real I could imagine ever making a ring. They are HUGE to the point you could mistake it for the actual thing. They shine bright, especially in the faces of those who have no championships... sucks to sucks I guess! They are big and heavy like the real thing, you could knock someone out with one of these things. Don’t think there are any other companies out there making them this big and this perfect for pretty cheap. Already pre-ordered the ring for next years champion, will def be returning.